1. Karen Miller

    Decorating with Textiles: Hooked Rugs – Not Just For Floors

    I am a fibre artist living and working in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  I love to blend alternative fibre techniques with traditional yarn hand-hooking to create fresh landscapes and abstract close-ups and to explore meaningful moments in childhood.   Every loop of yarn that I pull up with my hook brings me closer to capturing the essence of nature or of a special moment in the lives of my kids.  Anything can be a source of inspiration to me, from world travel to my own backyard. I am drawn to the earthy tones and moody skies of the North Atlantic and especially Iceland. My pieces are available for purchase at several locations across Canada and my work has been shown in various exhibits in both Canada and the United States.  You can learn more about me and my work on my website and blog at www.marzipanroad.com. When we talk about rugs, most people...
  2. Rachel Biel

    D. Ellis Originals

    Dawna Ellis makes baskets and vessels by wrapping fabric around clothesline cord and sewing them together. I first saw them on an Artsy Shark interview (a wonderful blog which everyone should subscribe to!) and knew that they were special. I was on target as only a short time later, D. Ellis Originals ended up with two vessels as finalists in the much coveted NICHE Awards. I was delighted when Dawna accepted my invitation to join TAFA and am pleased to announce that you can now see her profile up on our site: Visit D. Ellis Originals on TAFA The technique that Dawna uses to make these baskets is not really all that difficult nor unique. Many people whip out baskets and bags using up scraps from their other sewn projects. I have the book “It’s a Wrap”, pictured at the left, and have thought about trying it myself many times. It’s...
  3. Cindy Grisdela

    Decorating with Textiles: Living with Cindy Grisdela’s Contemporary Quilts

      I’m a fiber artist specializing in abstract contemporary quilts for the wall. I’m particularly interested in color and the way colors interact with each other to enhance our experience of the world. Many of my designs draw on the traditions of the past, but reinterpret them in a contemporary way, reflecting the fact that I started out many years ago with traditional patterns and techniques. Inspiration for my designs comes from keen observation of my surroundings, from the pebbles on the path, to the currents in water, to the colors of a meadow. Using improvisational techniques, I create abstract designs primarily with solid colors, and then add rich texture with a variety of quilting stitches. All of my work is designed organically without a preconceived pattern and the textural lines are added freehand, so no two pieces are ever exactly alike. All of the stitching is done on the...
  4. Rachel Biel

    Decorating with Textiles Series: Carpets From Afghanistan

    A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of visiting my friend, Abdul Wardak, in his Wisconsin home. We were partners in a gallery in Chicago and I continue to work with him in Paducah, Kentucky, managing his online presence for Afghan Tribal Arts as well as his properties here. After we closed our gallery, I wanted to move to a warmer climate and the original plan was to relocate the gallery as well. Instead, Abdul was able to purchase a package deal on some worn down houses here which he has been rehabbing over time. The gallery may still happen some day. I rarely travel, so seeing his home was a special treat, especially since I miss seeing his kids. I asked him if it would be ok to share the photos that I took for this series and he was delighted. From the outside, the home is...
  5. Rachel Biel

    Moira West

    Moira West on TAFA Moira shares a lot of photos of sheep on her Facebook page. Different breeds, funny situations, long hair, big horns….  I think she has sheep on her mind! It would make sense because Moira West works with their wool, mixing it with other fibers to create sculptures and wall art that explore texture and form. She describes her quest on her TAFA profile: “Much of my work is site specific. Working methods include hand-made felting processes incorporating traditional and contemporary techniques. Wool fibres predominate, integrated with plant and cellulose fibres, to create unusual shapes and textures. Inviting interaction and personal confrontation with life and its unexpected pathways. I have developed a reputation for creating striking, fascinating and unusual fibre art, many examples of which are in private collections. Combining textile technique with a diverse range of challenging materials, my work is inspired by my environment and...
  6. Uta Lenk

    Decorating with Textiles Series: Uta Lenk’s Home of Hand Dyed Quilts

    My name is Uta Lenk and I have been  actively using my hands ‘making something’ all my life. I live in Germany. My grandmother taught me how to knit even before I entered school, using a magical ball of yarn: she un- and rewound a ball of yarn, putting little goodies into it that would reappear as I was using up more and more of the ball. In the very middle there was a coin – it might have been one Deutschmark, quite a bit of wealth for a little girl at that age! Those little surprises certainly kept me going. At the age of twelve I designed and made complete wardrobes for my Barbie dolls, thinking I would one day become a famous fashion designer. Spinning, weaving, macramé – I’ve done it all. What got me hooked, however, are quilts. Patchwork and quilts have been with me since my...
  7. Rachel Biel

    Marty Jonas Fiber Art

    Marty Jonas Profile on TAFA Intricate spheres caught my eye and pulled me in. These were my introduction to the work of Mary Jonas: There are many more, so make sure to go through her album and enjoy each singular effect. Her description of these complex structures: “With this series of work, I am moving away from the more tangible, physical and material surfaces of textiles to industrial materials, which are known for their strength and durability. Using various types of metal insect screen, I manipulate the harsh materials into complex repetitive patterns. At first glance, one recognizes the surface characteristics of industrial materials that are used widely in the urban architecture of our time. But as your eyes are lead into these layered sculptures of intersecting metal, glass and fibers, they appear alive with twists and turns. These structures are not enclosures but rather multilayered visions for light and...
  8. Ellen Bakker

    Call for Entry for two new textile art book projects

    Following three joint book projects on textile and felt with European participants over the last two years, we are now going global! Therefore, Textile-link (internet platform and publisher of textile books), is looking for worldwide participants who would like to share their beautiful works of art and their enthusiasm for textile. Create an archive and upload photographs of your most beautiful textile works of art to have the chance of your work being published in one of our future book projects. Participation is always free. ========================================= We started two new projects: TextileArt Around the World A large, inspiring book full of textile objects, jewels, interior design pieces, clothing, accessories, experiments, etc.     Worldwide Colors of Felt An extraordinary and colourful book with the artwork of 200-300 felt artists from around the world. You can find more information about the projects: • Pdf: http://www.textile-link.com/sites/textiellink.nl/files/international_bookprojects.pdf • Website – http://www.textile-link.com • Facebook –...
  9. Rachel Biel

    BSL Art Quilts

    BSL Art Quilts on TAFA Barbara Lardon came to my attention through our LinkedIn group and once I saw her work, I became a fan. She lives in Plymouth, Wisconsin, and often finds inspiration in the daily scenes of rural life. She also creates abstract quilts, but her farm scenes are close to home for me as both of my parents came from farms in Minnesota and now live in Western Wisconsin in an area that looks a lot like Barbara’s quilts. One of the hardest tasks to accomplish in figurative or landscape quilts is to illustrate depth and action, a task that Barbara accomplishes well. Many quilts end up looking flat, which can be fine as a technique, but I appreciate those who have the ability to bring an illustration to life. Doesn’t that rooster above look like he is ready to do something really naughty? Depth can be...
  10. Rachel Biel

    TAFA’s Birthday: Celebrate the Number Four!

    Four years ago, I saw a need for an organization that would focus on the business end of promoting our handmade textiles and fiber art community. I kept bumping into peers who were struggling with the same issues that I was: how to use social media effectively to promote what we were doing. An ever-changing world, it seemed to me that if we banded together into one destination, perhaps the work load could be shared and we could help each other navigate this enormous landscape. I started out with a blog and by the end of the first year, we clearly needed a “real” website with a search engine. We launched our current site the following year and have continued to evolve and grow as a dynamic, creative, business association with 531 members from 44 countries. This month we celebrate our 4th year! You can learn more about why I...

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