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TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership organization of handmade textile and fiber art businesses on the web.  The Forum is our member gathering place where we can share business tips, seek help, update each other on our projects and engage in community. Although our main focus is on the business end of things, we also believe that our individual goals and interests have a greater chance of success if they are supported by a larger group. The Market showcases products from participating Member Shops. You will see lots of eye candy there, a testament to the beauty of handmade works! See our sidebar for Quick Links to TAFA and to the Forum.

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There are several public areas here that make sharing and learning both interesting and valuable.  Click on the bars below to learn a bit about each one.  
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  1. Work Spaces: Where Textiles and Fiber Art Get Made, Part 1

    TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List has a widely diverse membership, brought together by a shared love for the work they do with textiles and fiber art. All of us have an online presence, but what we do can range from knitting on a favorite couch to working in...
  2. Decorating with Textiles: Hooked Rugs – Not Just For Floors

    I am a fibre artist living and working in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  I love to blend alternative fibre techniques with traditional yarn hand-hooking to create fresh landscapes and abstract close-ups and to explore meaningful moments in childhood.   Every loop of yarn that I pull up with my hook brings me closer...
  3. D. Ellis Originals

    Dawna Ellis makes baskets and vessels by wrapping fabric around clothesline cord and sewing them together. I first saw them on an Artsy Shark interview (a wonderful blog which everyone should subscribe to!) and knew that they were special. I was on target as only a short time later, D....
  4. Decorating with Textiles: Living with Cindy Grisdela’s Contemporary Quilts

      I’m a fiber artist specializing in abstract contemporary quilts for the wall. I’m particularly interested in color and the way colors interact with each other to enhance our experience of the world. Many of my designs draw on the traditions of the past, but reinterpret them in a contemporary...



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We are a membership group of textile and fiber art businesses focused on handmade traditions from around the world: www.tafalist.com

About this forum:

The TAFA Forum is a gathering place for our members where we can discuss business, techniques, and have some fun, too.  There are private and public areas, but only TAFA members have access to the site.
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